how to choose good upvc and aluminum machine

How to choose a good upvc or aluminum machines ? New model 2022

How to choose a good upvc or aluminum machines , is the question that many of workmen are asking in the vocation of window .

As you know , making a qualified windows or doors is conditioned to have a qualified and of a good quality upvc orb aluminum machine .

This article will help you to answer how to choose a good and qualified upvc or aluminum machines . Exactly , it will be based on your requirements in work practically .

How to choose a qualified upvc machines ?

Upvc machines are concluded from 6 upvc machines .To know these upvc machines you can read the elder article , but to prevent prolongation , we are to explain some of these upvc machines .

Moreover , as you know , there are portable , single head , double head , CNC , turbo , master and center upvc machines . But in this article that is about upvc machines , we will help you to choose an ordinary single head upvc machines , and while this , we will describe aluminum machines too , so you will find and know the differences between upvc machines and aluminum machines and how can use of upvc machines .

Cutting machine that is oneb of the important of upvc machine

  • Copy router machine
  • Welding machine
  • Double glazing bead machine
  • End milling machine
  • Corner cleaner machine

To choose a qualified and good upvc machines , we should know firstly the performance of each machine and know what is the role of machine in making and assembling of a high quality window or door .

Firstly we start from upvc cutting machine and while this , we describe aluminum cutting machine too , to know differences between .

upvc machine | maer makina

upvc cutting machine and aluminum cutting machine

This machine usually is used for cutting upvc profiles in 90° and 45° . In windows that are not quadrangular , square or rectangular , we use 45° cutting system.

A good machine should have the possibility to cut upvc profiles an any angle between 0° and ±180°. So you will be able to make windows in shapes as you want .between upvc machined that are produced by many factories, just some of them can produce this cutting machine.

So when you are choosing a machine to buy , you should firstly check upvc machine which can cut profiles an any angle between 0° and ±180 ° .

Some brands have fixing points in 15° and 22.5° and 30° moreover than 0° and ±180 ° . It is a good convenient for operator of upvc machine.

Cutting machine should have a fixing handle for middle degrees between the degrees told above . This is a good option of upvc machines and in choosing different brands note this.

Nowadays , 220v machines are available as 380v machines . In past , upvc cutting machines were just 380v . But now , 220v upvc machines are acting just like 380v upvc machines and there is no difference between them . You can choose and buy upvc machine witch that suits to your electrical system of workshop .

upvc machine – Schwert

In aluminum machines there must be some additional options on machine . Notice that upvc machine , need just two horizontal clamps to fixing profile on plate of machine , but aluminum machine , need 4 clamps , two horizontal and two other vertical clamps to fix aluminum profile on plate of cutting machine to avoid any movement or vibration on profile.This is difference of both upvc machine and aluminum machine.

In additional, the pneumatic piston which hold the saw of the aluminum machine must be more powerful from a upvc machine , because when saw blade encounters profile , the hardship of aluminum profile may influence the saw blade flat and may move it from its direction and , the outcome will be a unfair cut.

Notice that , aluminum machines must include a cooling system to prevent damages of saw blade and profile edges .
It is better that the cooling system be of a sprayer one to moisture all the surface and teeth of saw .In upvc machine you can control saw speed by inverter system.

For more information about upvc cutting machine and details about technical specifications , contact our experts.

Copy router machine

upvc copy router machine is used for opening holes of window or door handle , and opening placements of accessories , and opening water draining .This machine in upvc machine is as same as aluminum has just two difference.

This type of upvc machine should have triple drills for handle placement , and it is usually done with a moving motor , and milling accessories places is usually with a mini motor.

Opening water draining is usually with a separately mini motor that is used just in upvc machine not aluminum , although in some of machines , all the actions are being with just two motors , but this system , can disturb the functions . In aluminum copy router machine , there must be a powerful motor for milling accessories placement . This motor should be of a +18000 RPM to be able , for milling aluminum profiles . Thus a weak milling motor can not fulfill your requirements in aluminum milling . Notice the type of motor of copy router machine in choosing machines for aluminum door and window making.

upvc cutting machines
upvc cutting machines

In additional , for milling aluminum profiles , you need to have a cooling system on milling segment . Using the milling part of machine without cooling system , may harm the aluminum profile or gimlet . So take notice to cooling system and its type.

Our professional experts always are available to help you to decide about upvc machines and always they will offer you the best quality of upvc and aluminum machines . It is free to contact us.

Welding machine

Welding machine is used just upvc to weld two edges of upvc profiles together , in fact this welding , is some sort of sticking two edges together and is not a real welding with interference a secondary material .

The welding action is by melting two edges of upvc profiles and pressing melted pieces together by pressing late of welding machine .

Notice that welding machine is usually 220v and seldom you can see a 380v upvc welding machine nowadays , even in double head welding machines .

Welding machine may be in different types . There are three types of machines ;

  • Normal welding machine
  • 02mm welding machine
  • 02mm plus welding machine

Normal welding machine acts as described above and as its name induces , its function is whole normally .

02mm welding machine has accessories on insider edges of fixed and moving plates on lower side , and insider edges of pressing pistons on upper side of machine that , cling to each other while welding and attenuate the lower segment of extras which comes out while welding .

This action, helps operator of upvc machine in cleaning the edges of welding and make working more easier and fast .This machine is expensive than normal model .

02mm plus model of welding machine is an innovation in welding machines . This machine by its new technology , and 02mm accessories , make lower segment so thick that the user of machine or operator , can easily remove appendages of welding by hand .

This machine function , is usually by extra valves and a modified PLC system that controls pneumatic function by extra pressing in various steps of operations .

It is obvious that the price of 02mm plus welding machine is more than 02mm , and 02mm welding machine is more than normal welding machine .

The most important difference between these tree model welding machines is that you can use 02mm and 02mmplus in welding colored profiles without need the corner clear machine in upvc machines.

aluminum machine
aluminum machine

Double glazing bead machine

This machine is used for of windows .

The mechanism of machine is to cutting the bead glazing by two motors on 45° , as they can conclude a 45° on outer side of window , while as keeping window in inner side .

This machine has automatic pneumatic system that when you press the operation bottun , it runs two motors at the same time an cuts two side of two glazing bead .

Some machines are equipped with adjustable molds that make the settings of machine very fact and easy .
Notice that the machine you are seeking to choose , must include saws and molds and meter saw.

End milling machine

One of machines that you need to make and assemble a window , is end milling machine . In East Asian countries , there is no end milling machine , and instead , the mullion profiles usually weld with frame profile.

But in European countries , and Middle East countries , that usually is main producer of upvc machines , specially , advanced countries , using an end milling machine is inevitable .

End milling machine , with cutting ends of mullion profile , make mullion profile suit for placement on frame profile .

End milling machine may be single , or double knife / saw system . It means in double system , you can install two various upvc or aluminum profile knives / saws on machine as well as one knife /saw on machine .

Cooling system is additional option on machine that some factories may apply . So you can mill aluminum profiles by machine too.

This machine is used for cleaning appendages of welding on frame and sash profiles . In the same time it can clean appendages of outer sides of frame and sash profiles , too .

The cleaning method is done usually by two knives that touching the surface of upper and lower sides of placed profiles on machine , and moving .

Now , after knowing somethings about machines , we come some closer and we should know that all single head machines are designed for low capacity making and assembling window and door .

There are other models for low capacity too . Portable machines has been designed to support those workshops that are working low capacity .

On the other hand , for high capacity working and producing upvc and aluminum window and door , double head machines has been designed that are of high capacity. As we talk about double head machines , we mean just double head welding and double head cutting machines . Other machine are still single head .

Because , producer of upvc window and door , just in cutting and welding should wait more to end the time of progress and lose time . So the factories of upvc and aluminum machines , invented double head machines in different models to decrease the time and progress of welding and cutting to reduce the time of producing of goods .

Recently , for high capacity of producing upvc and aluminum window and door , Master Cut , Turbo Cut , and Robotic machines has been designed and invented .

These machines are of high value in producing and logically , are expensive . These machines are used for making and assembling mor than 100 window and door daily , and therefor it is not needed in all workshops .

Essential point in choosing upvc machine

It is very important that , the factory producing the machine , support the customers whit technical service , after sale service and instructions for use .

All of above , about technical details are one side of coin , the other side that carry the importance of machines , is the factory that you want to buy the machines .

The place of factory is far or near to you , receiving spare parts sevice , time of receiving spare parts , technician service , video call service , installation service , yearly service , upgrading service updating service if needed , all are carrying a high importance in choosing a good upvc machine , or a good aluminum machine .

Possibility of receiving spare parts

Sometimes spare parts of a machine are not founded in everywhere . You will be constrained to prepare it from the factory you have bought the machines from .

If the factory just sell you

The distance of factory to your place , and time of receiving the spare parts in case of need , is very important . Time of arrival the spare parts to your workshop or factory , is a determinant factor in delivery projects , working the producing and acting your producer team .

So that , if it take several days , or in horrible circumstances , several months , your workshop will be closed , or will be inactive .

If you want to choose a good machine , as told you above , one of other elements that is very important in this , is the obligation of factory to support you with technical service . This may include two various method .

Sometimes you need technic service for machines , or one or more machine has been inactive practically and you need a technician to repair machines . The factory you had bought the machines , normally should send you technic service .
This may be in period of guarantee time . So this should not charge you with additional payments .

Technician service may be after guarantee period . This is called after sale service . This type of service , usually is with extra charges from factories .

Charges of this type differ based on the distance , type of machines , and the repairment that is needed for machines .
Also , the main importance of the subject is whether the factory obliges so services or no .

Obviously , it is better to choose machines from factories that do so services and are always with you and never leave you alone with service problems , even if the prices be expensive than others .

The worse of all is that , the factory you choose , use indeterminate and unknown parts in machines , and when customer need spare parts , faces unknown parts that can not determinate technic information of them .

In this cases , so factories may exaction high charges for service and spare parts . So notice that receive all information when choosing machines , and receive all information about machines .

Sometimes you have problem with adjusting the machine . Or you need help to rectification of machine . This , will not need to visit tha machine a technician .

This can be done whit a video call by technician of company , and as soon as you want , if such an option is provided by the factory producing the machine .

Next subject that comes up , is training use of machine and instructions . The machine you are seeking to choose , should have instructions and catalogs , so you can have enough information about machine and how it operates .

If you have not enough information about machines and operation of it , it is obvious that you can not use the machine properly , and furthermore you can harm machine and yourself .

So an instruction for use or catalog can help you very much and the factories that render enough information to customer , will be preferred than others .

We as WINDOOR company , producer and supplier of upvc and aluminum machines , are always rendering all the services and guarantee , do our best to justify our customers .

Windoor company , that is the producer of winmak plast machines in upvc window and door making , is looking after quality of machines and is an obliged company in technic service for its customers .

Also Windoor company , as one of biggest supplier of upvc and aluminum machines , do its best in sending technician to customers , in possible cases , and countries around Turkye , are easy and reachable in less than two days , if no limits from governments applied .

Furthermore , video call and program release for our experienced technicians are very easy , and this service is always available all over the world , for our customers that preferred us .

In addition , by its universal experts in international business , shipping , transportation , cargo , post and all ways to send machines and spare parts , we send the machines as soon as possible and , specially in spare parts , we do our best to prevent loss from being workshop of customer inactive .

However , choosing a good upvc machine or aluminum machine , need more professional information . In case you need for help , feel free and contact us . You can receive professional consultation and by this , you will be able to choose a suitable machine .