Nowadays , energy saving is one of greatest concerns of governments and people . One of most common ways to save energy in buildings and home , is to use UPVC door and windows system ; and the way to build UPVC window and door system , is very important .


Various factors may have effect in quality and usefulness of UPVC door and windows ; some of these factors are related with raw materials ( specially with UPVC profile and accessories ) , some other are related with Master worker and producer group , and some other are related with machines and instruments that are used for making UPVC windows and doors .

In this article , we are seeking to guide you , with giving useful and practical information about UPVC and Aluminum window making machines , and in addition , presentation of high quality UPVC and Aluminum machines that WINDOOR company is supplying .


UPVC windows are being a part of new materials of buildings , is being produced from unplasticized poly vinyl chloride . A enhardened plastic materials that is suitable for using in window , as an important part of a building .

As containing such an important duty in a part of buildings , it is inevitable that , the instruments and machines that are used for making and producing such materials , must be well qualified for making the materials ; so that , it is important in this way to know the machines and options of the machines and quality and ability of machines to make  high quality window and door .


UPVC machines is called for a combination of six unit machines that every one do a certain job and participate in assembling of a UPVC window or door .

To know how a UPVC window or door is to be assembling or make , we should know the function of these machines , as well as knowing type of profiles and needed accessories .

UPVC machines , must be all with together to be a full set . If one be absent , certainly one of the procedure will be incomplete or imperfect .

So we should know the name of machines and function of them , but , to know how to make a UPVC window , please follow our next articles and videos .

A full set of UPVC machines is concluded from :

Cutting machine

Copy router machine

Welding machine

Bead glazing machine

End milling machine

Corner cleaning machine

Take note that we are seeking to present you UPVC machines and for establishing a workshop , you need other instruments in workshop , such as air compressor and other instruments.

Now let’s know the machines a bit closer and learn the function of each one .

UPVC MACHINES – Cutting machine :

Cutting machine is using to cut UPVC profiles . UPVC profiles normally are being produced in factories in six meter length ( a global standard length for profile ).

Cutting machine is equipped with a saw , that is used to cutting profiles . The saw must be a diamond nail one to render a clean cut .

The cutting machine have various types , such as upcoming , down coming , portable , double head , and new products as turbo cut and master cut and center .

We will discuss all above types in our future articles and will explain all types of cutting machines .

Usually , single head cutting machine is a combination of electrical and pneumatic and mechanical pieces , and other parts .

Movement of mechanical parts is normally powered by electrical and pneumatical pieces .

Cutting machine is equipped with two liner in right and left to make measuring of profiles comfort for operator of machine .

The saw blade may differ from 400Ø to 450Ø in single head machines , and 450Ø to 600Ø in double head machines .

Normally in60 series profiles , specially in casement open system , there is no need for bigger saw blade , but in sliding open profile systems , you need a bigger saw blade as 450Ø .


UPVC MACHINES – Copy router machine :

Copy router machine is used for opening accessories places , holes , window handle drills , and opening water drain .

Normally as the triple function , it has three motors , containing triple handle drilling motor , a mini motor for drilling accessories placement as hints and spagnyollet and other accessories , and has a mini drilling motor for water drain .

Profiles fixes by pneumatic clamps and have usually adjustable handles , mechanical pieces movements is powered by electrical and pneumatical systems .

UPVC MACHINES – Welding machine :

As its name induces , this machine is used for welding corners of UPVC profiles that , have been cut in desired measures . Welding machine is equipped with a PLC and thermocouple , and an element heating plate .

Movement of mobile pieces is powered by pneumatic pistons and all of its settings are adjustable according the profile that is being weld.

Usually this machine is used for all types of window and door profiles and there is no difference between white or colorful profiles and casement open or sliding system , but for a better outcome , it is suitable to be of a 02 mm model to prevent damages of heat to outer layer of colorful profiles .

Normally , welding machine is in three models :

Single head

Double head

Four head

But in Eastern Asian countries , we see different models too . This difference is result of difference between type of cutting system and type of mullion profile setting on machine and welding it .

UPVC MACHINES – Bead glazing machine :

This machine is used for cutting UPVC single or double glazing profiles . this machine , normally has two motors that cuts profile in 45° . Bead glazing machine is also equipped with two of four saws , based on its design . As the bead glazing profile is smaller than other profiles , there is no need to bigger saw for cutting this profile .

Also a mold is needed for best result . Some factories supply adjustable mold on machine and some others do not so .

A meter liner at least should be beside machine to provide measuring of profile .
Movement of motors and the mechanism of machine is powered by electrical and pneumatical system .

Bead glazing profile carries the job of holding glass , and as you know , this is one of important parts of a window and door ; so this machine and specially molds of machine must be well adjusted to prevent any mistake .

Bead glazing machine
Bead glazing machine

UPVC MACHINES – End milling machine :

This machine is used for cutting ends of mullion profile . The mullion profile carries the casement opening system , and more over , hinges etc.

In this machine , just like other machines , is equipped with a motor to mill the end of mullion profile with a small special saw , and movement of mobile pieces , is powered by electrical and pneumatical system .

Fixing mullion profile in progress is by clamps that

Fixing mullion profile in progress is by pneumatic clamps , that this may include more options , based on design of machine .

Some machines include various series and more options that is convenience for operator of machine . This may increase the price of machines .

Machine usually acts automatically by pressing start button , unless you choose portable models or manual machines .

UPVC MACHINES – Corner cleaner machine :

Corner cleaner machine is used for cleaning wilding chips and the appendix of welding upvc profile .

Corner cleaning machine as other machines , is powered by pneumatic and electric pieces and , as it has one or two motors that containing small saw / saws , cleaning of back of welded profile , is by this motor / motors .

More over , corner cleaner upvc machine has two blades for cleaning up an down of surface of welded profile .
Movement of motors and movement of blades powered by pneumatic system , and movement of motors is powered by electrical system.

More over , usually , settings of corner cleaner upvc machine is by a PLC system that is a convenient for operator of machine .


As told above , all of upvc machines need electric power for function , a few years ago , upvc machines was founded just in 380v models , a very serious problem that had engaged many of workmen all over the world .
But nowadays , 220v motors are available and upvc machines are usable all over the word , where 220v electric is supplied .

We described that , all upvc machines works with pneumatic system , so you need an air compressor for using upvc machines .

More over , for more convenient , it is better that the capacity of air compressor be more than 350 liter.

Also for cutting reinforcement profile , it is recommended that never cut reinforcement profile by upvc cutting machine , because it hurts saw blade and machine . Also type and model of reinforcement machine is not important and you can choose any other manual instrument .


Other upvc machines :

1 – Double head machines

Note that machines told above , are single head normal upvc machines .

If you are seeking for high capacity producing upvc window and door , you should buy double head machines .

Double head upvc machines include double head cutting machines and double head welding machine .

Other upvc machines of double set , is normally single head .

2 – Four head machines

Just in welding machine , you can found four head upvc welding machine , that is designed and produced for mor producing capacity .

3 – portable machines :

Portable machines are designed for low capacity producing . These upvc machines , are manually and less mechanical pieces movement are powered by pneumatic system .

More over , using of these upvc machines are more difficult and need for more accuracy .


There are robotic upvc machines , cnc upvc machines , turbo upvc machines , master upvc machines too , but these machines are used for very high capacity production , and by this reason and of course high technology , have high prices .

We , as WINDOOR COMPANY are providing upvc machines all over the world , and as a great company , can provide all types of upvc machines , including
In 2021 , company established several facilities in different countries , so delivery of upvc machines had been more easier and fast .

Note that , there are various models of single head upvc machines , when we are talking of upvc machines , you may see more than 30 different models .

Each model , has its own functions and has its own option . You can choose one of each model based on your need and your budget .

More over , based on the capacity of production and proficiency of operator of upvc machine you can choose advanced models or primitive models .

For this purpose , firstly you should check out possibilities and facilities of region you want to establish your workshop or factory , need for upvc window and door in region or ability to sell upvc window and door globally .

In addition , when you want to buy a set of upvc machine , you should check if you can find spare parts of machines from factory or company you are dealing with .

More over , installation of machines , user manual guide , guarantee, after sales service , problem solve by new technologies are important .

Most of companies do not render service for installation for machines in foreign countries , but some other do these service for customer. This is very important that the factory or company that you buy machines from , do the best in this field and never leave you alone while you use the machine .

Some of operators do not use corner cleaner machine in upvc machines set , they use manual instruments for cleaning appendages . This may make the work foster but , however will not be a desired quality for window or door .

Some other workman , may do not use bead glazing machine and use normal upvc cutting machine instead . Seldom workmen have so skill to do so but however , the quality of product will decrease .

Note that each machine of upvc machines , has been designed for a specific purpose and when one or mor is not in cycle , the quality of product will decrease .

Main concern in upvc machines , is to find spare parts easily , when the guarantee period has been finished . If you want to use upvc machines in an industrial region , be sure that you can find most of the spare parts , but if no , so you should plan well to receive from factory or company directly .


Working with upvc machines require skills in this field . The upvc machines as told above , have various types of saws , and the saws usually have at least 3000 round per minute . Thus , this can be very dangerous for operator if have a clumsy conduct while working . So , take care of saw touch while working .

Also upvc machines have several drills and drills also can be dangerous if a clumsy conduct occur while working .
Despite dangers told above , many primitive pieces on saws and drills normally is used from factories to prevent unwanted touch and damages , if you buy upvc machines from a good and reliable factory .

In master and turbo and cnc and robotic upvc machines , exactly you need for instructions and specific programs . These programs or instructions may need for updates and you should have access to factory or company to receive new updates .

We should always consider that skill of operator in knowing how to produce and work with different profiles is very important in out come . A skillful workman that knows the difference between different profiles , can work more easily by upvc machines and face less problems than an amateur one .

It is recommended that if do not have enough information abut installation of upvc machines , follow our next articles , or contact us if machines are sent from our company .

Our experts and engineers exactly will not leave you alone and at least if face with traveling barriers , will help you by video call , conference , pdf catalogs etc.

And more over , if you face any problem while using our upvc machines , make sure that we will help you by sending technicians , video call , catalogs or every way, that may be possible .

Also the spare parts , that take high importance , be sure that we are always with you and we have possibility to send spare parts all over the world as soon as possible .

Guarantee and technic services are always available in WINDOOR COMPANY and our technicians and service team , are professional in this field and will help you as best as possible .

One of concerns of workmen is that if upvc machines are bought from a foreign country , how will be sent ? Note that , our company uses international business , cargo , transportation and shipping experts to send you upvc machines as soon as possible . For more information , feel free to contact us and ask about machines and services and about sending .

In addition , we , as one of oldest companies in this field , promise you to surprise our customers in 2022 with new and innovative machines , that can solve all problems and fulfill all needs of customers and workmen of upvc window making occupation . Our design team and our engineers are working hard to fulfill our onus to our customers and will never give up .

You can contact us 7/24 . and our experts are at your service